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Second the motion.

I second the Sarcs motion: how can the review possibly have any credibility with a No Hopa on the panel.

Conflict of interest probable.
Representative of GA not likely.
Significant membership they wish.

The complaints are made against CASA; how can a complete Casaphile be remotely considered 'independent'. Game over before the first ball is delivered. Remember, the rest of the panel probably have NFI about No Hopa Australia and are probably used to dealing with the US version, which is a different animal, worthy of some respect. Hunt with the hounds and run with hares - not possible.

I've sent my protest in, perhaps some of our co-mates and brothers facing exile could do the same. Truss is unlikely to change his mind, but it may put the other members on their guard. What can it hurt? No I'm not cranky, furious? well perhaps, a tiny bit - ....

"BOLLOCKS !!!" (there now, that's better. It's been coming for a while).
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