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Formal protest Minister!

"Yes Minister there is a mole hole in the middle of the office...hmm yes I can also smell a strong whiff of cuban cigars eminating from the hole.."

FFS this thread has dwelled on the subject of A.N.O.H.O.P.A and how they spend a lot of time underneath the desk of the DAS's office and the general consensus was...W.O.F.T.A.M!! Then we get this..

"I recognise that it is particularly difficult for the diverse general aviation sector to have its voice heard in a review like this and so I have asked Mr Phillip Reiss, President of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia, to take a particular responsibility as a specialist adviser to ensure that the concerns of general aviation and regional operators are well aired. His experience will provide valuable insight and technical expertise to the panel."

So Fort Fumble have deployed their Mole...well Minister here is a formal protest petition from the IOS and my name is number one on the list..FFS!

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