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I've known many people go into other engineering work with aero degrees, so I'd really have no concerns on that particular score.

Back when Pontious was still a pilot, and I was applying for degree places, most universities called their programmes "aeronautical engineering". Southampton, which had been one of the pioneers of space engineering decided to set themselves apart so called their programme "aeronautics an astronautics". In the time since, both space and systems have become integral to pretty much all programmes, so most universities changed their names to "aerospace". Southampton didn't feel the need.

(I did my BEng at Southampton in aero/astro and had a fantastic time, as well as learning loads that I've used ever since. However, given just about everybody who taught me has since retired, I'd not take that as a specific recommendation and look at it fresh. That said, Southampton was, and remains, a fantastic city.)

That makes a valuable point however - look at the individual syllabi. Whilst there are minimum content lists: set in the UK by the Royal Aeronautical Society in particular, for BEng or MEng degrees, in practice universities set their own broader syllabi and these can vary significantly. Generally there should be a fair bit on each institution's website, and you can see what the modules and module options are. That is much more important to you than the degree name - whether that's aerospace, aeronautics and astronautics, aviation....

Other than - avoid any BSc programmes, which are unlikely to meet the ECUK (Engineering Council United Kingdom) minima for a "proper" engineering degree. Stick to the BEng and MEng options, but then look at the module lists and also have a browse through their websites to see what sort of quality and skill of people are teaching on them.
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