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PIC time in Coca-Cola Jets is king. Coca-Cola Jets are sought after, widespread and very marketable. Airbus 320 and B737 get the gold medal. Embraer 190, Airbus 330 Boeing 777 and 787 follow. In Europe, USA...and everywhere. Period.

It is sad but it is like that. Until you do not log jet PIC airline time, it seems you are not a pilot.

But do you homework. You have to adapt and study your environment to get your wishes. What are your goals? Define them.

If your goal is flying a B777 at Emirates or bank tons of money flying the A320/B737 in China you should study what is best. What are the minimum requirements for that kind of job you are looking for? What is the fastest way to get those minimums?

If you prefer to operate from your hometown in Europe and do not give too much importance to the type of aircraft, money involved or airline you will choose other path. But IMHO this is a mistake. I see many pilots in their late 40's early 50's with tons of experience jobless and bankrupt for doing this. They supported a dead horse.

Joining a big carrier like Emirates may require you log hours on heavy jet first, so discard your turboprop captaincy. Log hours in a Jet, apply to Emirates and the likes and stick to that job till you get your left seat...and never ever give up that job till you become Captain or are offered a Jet Captain position (signed) anywhere else, otherwise you will be performing lateral moves for your whole career.

The other option is figuring out if there are carriers hiring DEC in the type of turboprop you fly and will give you the chance to upgrade as DEC in Jet in the future...or they accept PIC turboprop time for DEC positions in Jet, some new outfits or start ups offer this from time to time. It seems it is difficult to switch airlines in Europe and get a DEC position from turboprop to jet. You may find yourself stuck after several years flying as Captain in a turboprop to end up in a right seat of an A320 after 5 years.

But remember, in terms of job security, unless your ATR airline offers upgrade in a Jet (therefore career opportunity) you will eventually have to move. Target is A320 Captain job or equivalent. Write down your plan. Go for the fastest track. Never look back. Explain very well the career path you designed to your family so tehy become part of the team and please, enjoy every minute of the journey to achieve your goal.

Good luck.
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