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All the numerical engineering science degrees will open up a huge amount of jobs.
Agree 100%. My Cousin is currently doing a BSc in Maths with Finance. He managed to get 3 months work experience with a Financial Company in England before starting the Degree. That's the route he wants to go but as you said MJ, the numerical degree will open up other doors if he changed his mind!

My personal opinion is that your best not to get too specialised with your degree it only limits your options later.
This is what's actually bothering me. I would love to do Aerospace and get in with the likes of Agusta-westland or Eurocopter, but I'm sure the likes of a Maths Degree would still get me on the Graduate Programme they run.

I already hold a Level 5 HND in Electrical / Electronic Engineering, but doing the full BEng in that subject doesn't interest me as much as the Aerospace.

Still have 2 years to decide which Degree I want to definitely pursue. Though as I said about my HND, I also hold a National Diploma in the same subject which is equivalent to A Levels so I might be limited to just a Engineering Degree.

They just invited me back next year to see how they're doing. If they've done as good a job as they looked likely to, that may be worth casting a glance at.
Thanks Genghis, keep us updated
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