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All the numerical engineering science degrees will open up a huge amount of jobs.

Personally I did Mech eng and was of the minority who actually went into mechanical engineering.

A lot went into finance and rumour had it that the mech eng grads actually had a higher pass rate for the chartered accountancy exams than the business school grads.

A load went into Anderson Consulting as it was at the time.

A fair size went on to post grad spin offs, law, teaching etc.

And there was the usual army, police, navy, RAF.

Out of my mates from school about 5-6 of them did physics or maths and they are now mostly company directors with the other two working at CERN.

My personal opinion is that your best not to get too specialised with your degree it only limits your options later. If you realise half way through the course that you only want to do one area of the subject you can do a post grad in that area which will increase your chances of getting into it.
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