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Originally Posted by vilas View Post
I am sorry but it appears that you have completely misunderstood normal law and protections.
As it happens I'm pretty au fait with it. I did however phrase it somewhat badly - probably my fault for posting under the influence. I wasn't saying that protection *causes* the nose to come up, I was saying that when the protections are active, the pitch angle will invariably be nose-high, therefore putting the nose down to reduce the AoA - and disengage the protection - should be a fairly intuitive action for a pilot.

@CONF - I've invited you on several occasions to start your own Habsheim thread in AH&N (the logical place to have it, as the incident is over two decades old) - but you have not as yet done so.

@Chris - I think we do know that Alpha Floor was not a consideration for the pilot of AF296, as he *disabled* A/THR (and thus A. Floor) by holding down the disconnect switches to perform the flypast.
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