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There were 61 submissions provided in 2008, not 40 odd; eight of those were 'confidential'. I have not as yet had the time to fully research and read the remainder. Some of those read are just a shameless attack on Byron, some are clearly self centred, a couple just plain silly. One of the stars (IMO) is the Agricultural boys submission; articulate, on the money and for mine, fair. You could dust this off and whack it into an inquiry tomorrow and it would be equally, if not more valid now, than the day it published. Samples provided for your general entertainment and amusement.

AAAA-2008 :
CASA does not have aviation problems - it has management problems.
P. Rundle-2008. (1)...(2). Both submissions have validity, they are quite hard to read and patience is required, but patience is rewarded. The phantom of the real Venn report, not the CASA embuggered version raises it's hoary head once more. I reckon finding a copy of the 'real' report is job for PAIN. (Waits for blast from P7.a.k.a. TOM.. ).

Anyway, if you can spare the odd half hour, download the submissions grab a coffee, comfy chair and have a read. Note: some of the submissions will not open on screen, on the black screen you get, look for the download button, that works just fine.

Erratum complete. endit...
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