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I'd love to jump straight into the flying! But the way jobs are looking no point of joining the 8,000 jobless pilots in Europe. What's it like job wise for bush/Instructing/ferry flying jobs? It's not all just about airline jobs.

Uni is affordable for us Irish! 2,000 odd euro a year adds up to around 4 with travelling, social nights are a killer on the bank account
I think the Engineering route looks one I may venture into, though Physics & Astronomy sounds amazingly interesting! Sure as I was told in a lecture before "you pick up certain skills which are transferable, in many degrees it doesn't matter what you're doing" as said here too.

You can follow your head or your heart really, one tells you go from zero to hero(fATPL) the other go to university live your life have fun, get your PPL become more mature with picking up the right life skills!

Also money is the biggest factor of all. Even more for my English counterparts with Uni fee's & Training cost itself! Suppose if you really want it bad enough finding a right seat of an aircraft won't be impossible, but I know I'm sticking to Uni then go off and follow the dream
Good stuff Paxi. Get the Engineering Degree

I'm going to Canada in March hopefully for two years. When I return home with some money, I'm going back to the books myself even though I will be 29. Anyway I will be looking into doing Aerospace / Astronomy myself. Southampton University does a BEng Aeronautics / Astronautics Course!

I have a PPL already only on Helicopters. My initial plan was to get a career in Helicopter flying but I have decided to go the Engineering route myself. It will be a better option career wise and will allow me to fly as a hobbie.

What Degree you going for?
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