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I feel it is very misguided to think that we should support him as he may contribute to our pensions in the future.

The PPL is not going to give him any method of contributing to anything in the aviation industry. Who is going to pick up the tab for the next step which will cost far more than the PPL. Even if the taxpayer picks up this extra 60k, if he is deported then is he really going to send a thank you cheque every month back to the UK and say 'Thank you, put this towards your pensions'.

Even if he does get everything required and is one of the very lucky ones that manages to get a job in the aviation industry, who says he will work in this country and contribute to our tax system. Unfortunately, you have to go where the work is so he is could be contributing to someone else's tax system and help pay their pensions.

I am all for helping the young but with limited funds available, I am afraid that charity must start at home.

I really do feel for him for the life he has lead and in some ways been thrown in to, but there are equally needy people that are in a far worse situation and have contributed to the system here. They should come first.
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