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Look folks, him and his generation are going to be paying for your pensions, healthcare and care homes soon. We need to invest in his generation now so that they pay enough tax to keep us in the manner to which we spoiled first-worlders have become accustomed

Get real, skilling-up the younger generation is an investment for OUR future, look at how much the UK has improved because of immigration over the last fifty years. It was a poor, lazy, broken down, dump when I was growing up, back in the miserable days of three-day weeks, power cuts and 25% inflation
I'm glad you think so, for the rest of us our experience has been the opposite.

So why him and not the rest of us?

I think most of us can see the future on this one. Laddo gets all the freebies, lessons, expenses etc., then gives up the flying post-PPL because he realises he can't afford it without someone else paying. Result - large amounts of money squandered on a selfish scrounging individual with no return on investment, whilst the rest of us knock our pan in & continue getting pumped by George Osborne and the nutcases in the local Council in order to allow him and people of his mindset to continue doing so. Don't say you weren't warned...
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