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As posted elsewhere. While The Guardian has printed what some may regard as a heart wrenching history of this would be pilot the bottom line is that as a 'Failed' asylum seeker. aged 21 and under a deportation order within one year, he is not, and may never have been, in danger or fear of his life. With all good wishes and congratulations for the progress made in his scholastic achievments, the fact remains he is well on course to achieving higher education courtesy of the British taxpayer. To now assume it is his privilige and rights expecting taxpayers to stump up a further 20,000 (leave alone at least 30,000 legal expenses , and more presumably to follow) Now for him to indulge in an expensive past time he expects others to fund, that the average British youth may also desire but wouldnt stand a chance in hell of obtaining, is surely a kick in the teeth to those that have funded his greatly improved life style and expenses over the past years.
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