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As transparent as pooh

What? I am shocked. CAsA removing, burying, hiding recommendations or committments made previously from public view, and more worryingly from the Senators? Treating the Senators, again, with contempt. And all levels of CAsA including the ministers office would have been part of this and would have agreed upon this little sideways sneak. Looks to me like all the hallmarks of a 20 year veteran intellect and a fat bloated board member have their DNA all over this. Oh so naughty.
Indeed, sneaky sneaky. These crooks will stop at nothing to deflect the truth, hide fact, deceive anybody and everybody and do it with contempt, malice, and total disregard as government employee's. Shame shame shame. This is yet another example of how disgraceful they are. The executive level requires rapid removal. All the top dross, the Board, the Ministers footstool, the entire lot of them. Transparency is a word they use, but a word they use in jest. They sneak current documents into old files and classify them as 'released', they make promises vanish and they lie about due process and due dilligence. They make a mockery of absolutely everything aviation and in return are awarded fat paychecks, bonuses and worldwide business travel. Every single person paying any form of aviation fee or charge should take notice as this is where your hard earned money goes.

Mr Truss, by default and due to your absolute refusal to take the axe to these individuals you are now officially also in contempt of Australian aviation. Mr Albanese's shoes fit you very well.
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