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Originally Posted by CaptainChairborne
We may well get a great return on our investment from this guy
How exactly are we going to manage that when he gets deported next year when his leave to remain runs out, after 12 months of tax-payer funded PPL lessons? (Plus accommo, plus legals).

It's not like he's going to go flying for the state gratis, his PPL grants him incredibly limited earning potential which isn't likely to get him into the 40% bracket, and it'll be many many years at 20% tax to repay the taxpayers investment into him (even counting ENI etc).

And if he tries to go commercial after that?? And then completes his training and goes to fly for an airline outwith the UK paying no tax? Where's the "return"?

Even if he goes commercial, he won't be in the 40% bracket for a few years if FO salaries/contracts are anything to go by, and if he has any sense he'll go abroad and follow the demand.

As tragic as his situation may be personally, why should the UK tax payer have to pay for entry into a profession which has a high financial cost of entry?

He could work in a local supermarket for the next 12 months, and his contribution to the UK will be far higher through normal taxation than from the PPL farce.

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