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Great research - Nicely done.

The clever, cunning rubbing out of 2008 inquiry was a masterpiece, sketched in disappointment, painted in heartbreak and sealed with the disappearance of some great submissions. It's passing strange though, the same arguments, recommendations and advice keep cropping up, year after year; only to be ground under heel.

Keep digging Sarcs, there is a constant factor, join the dots and soon or late, the pattern will emerge from under the rubble; a hint, look at airport management. Tough question number 1 - Will isolating the pattern help to restore matters aeronautical to where they were six years ago? TQ 2- Do people like Kimpton, Basket et al remain interested enough to dust off their still valid submissions? TQ 3- Is there the political courage, horsepower and will to finally implement the repeatedly provided recommendations? Or will we continue to limp along, denigrated, despised and the butt of some very funny, though painful jokes....


Ben Sandilands – Plane Talking.

A first class example of the problems we face, valid, lucid and timely.

The inherent difficulty for the Australian regulator and airlines is that whatever the merits and strengths of Australian rules and standards, they might not be expressed with the simplicity or unambiguity of the US rule changes, which always seem to be pack more meaning into a smaller number of words, and leave less wriggle room for ‘interpretation’ for want to a better term.

If, stress if this means Australia goes with what is perceived to be a weaker, or less committed, or more convuluted set of rules to address the same requirements as the US rules, there could be some very bad outcomes.

It is strongly in the interests of the flying public, and Australian airlines, and the Minister of the day, to avoid such outcomes.
Don't worry Ben, it's all been covered in the soft white paper response to the Senate inquiry. You know, the one before the last, where our aviation interested Senators were covered in it. "It's on our to do list". etc.etc. Tick tock, indeed..

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