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I'm surprised more haven't commented on this bizarre case. It certainly makes me feel sore as I struggle through trying to fund and work towards something I may never achieve, and yet someone who has no right to be here and who has contributed nothing to society seemingly walks into court, demands that the state pay for everything, and the state/court seemingly just rolls over and accepts it.

Questions that need answered:-

1) A career as a pilot is a vocation - i.e. his choice, so no-one's forcing him to become a pilot. So why has it been deemed that he has a "right" to this from the state?

2) A PPL has no value in terms of commercial flying. It is a Private license. So why has it been deemed to be of any educational value?

3) Where does this leave other "wannabee" pilots, wanting funding for training but are, for want of a better expression, "financially disadvantaged"? Will this open up the floodgates for similar claims?

I am seriously considering writing to my MP about this, and I suggest that others should also do the same.

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