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ARRT, Albo's GWEP and DoIT..(or DIRD) Show Cause Notice!

Trolling through the 61 submissions in the infamous (go nowhere) 2008 Senate Inquiry and while sorting the wheat from the chaff (some good stuff in there from some wise old boffins ), I came across a reference to the ARRT report in James Kimpton's submission (my bold):
There is the question of the regulatory review, which is keenly awaited by industry. Delays are understood to be due to a shortage of drafters, preventing legal drafting of proposed rules, even though there is apparently a ‘queue’ of regulatory proposals ready for that step. As a stop-gap CASA has sensibly implemented some changes via Civil Aviation Orders. The Minister’s release of the Aviation Safety Regulatory Review Taskforce’s report in the last few days suggests that thought has been given to expediting the Regulatory Review’s completion and a plan exists for finalising rules the Taskforce considered as ‘priority areas of focus’ within three years, provided the shortage of drafters is overcome. The Taskforce has recommended accordingly. The Minister’s acceptance of the ‘broad thrust of the recommendations’ is welcome and hopefully this means that the resources which the report acknowledges are required, particularly in the legislative drafting area, will be made available as soon as possible; as the report implicitly acknowledges this will require cooperation from OLDP in the Attorney-General’s Department. The CEO’s directives with respect to rule-making appear to cover relevant issues and, assuming they are followed, the resulting rules should be well received

So after a bit more digging around I was able to track down Albo's missive..err press release : Report of the Aviation Regulation Review Taskforce

The Hon Anthony Albanese
Minister for Infrastructure, Transport,
Regional Development and Local Government
Leader of the House
Member for Grayndler
June 26 2008

Today I have released the Report of the Aviation Regulation Review Taskforce.

The Taskforce was established by the previous government in response to concern by some aviation industry participants that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulatory reform program was not achieving the desired objective of lower cost, less prescriptive and more effective regulation.

I extend the Government’s thanks to the Taskforce chair, Dr Allan Hawke, and Taskforce members Mr Bruce Byron, Mr Jeff Boyd, Mr Rob Graham, Mr David Cox and Mr Dick Smith.

The Taskforce has made recommendations to the new Government on the way forward. I accept the broad thrust of the recommendations and believe the Taskforce’s Report will make a practical contribution to improving aviation safety.

In April, I announced the Government would deliver Australia’s first National Aviation Policy Statement, or White Paper, to chart the future of aviation policy in this country.

This Report will be taken into account in the development of a ‘Green Paper’, to be released in the second half of 2008.

Aviation industry participants will have an ongoing opportunity to comment on regulatory issues as the National Aviation Policy Statement is developed.

I also expect the current Senate inquiry into CASA’s governance will find the Report useful in its deliberations.

The Report is available on the CASA website: http://casa.gov.au/arrt.

Information about the development of Australia’s National Aviation Policy Statement can be found at: www.infrastructure.gov.au/aviation/nap/index.aspx.

Okay so Albo did acknowledge the practical contribution of the ARRT report and he said that the findings/recommendations would be incorporated in the Great Green Elephant Paper and then onto the GWEP, so did it..?? Well if we go to the Dept(of whatever it is these days) dedicated GWEP website page...err??..it appears that it is gone, obliterated...or shelf-wared perhaps?? Hmm interesting wonder if that is a Trusster or Kingcrat initiative?? Never mind managed to find it here: Aviation Publications.
So looking for a reference to the ARRT report...looking...looking..OK here we go from the GGEP(page 57-58):
Improving CASA’s interactions with industry

CASA consults extensively with industry and this consultation is important in ensuring that industry and the regulator are on the same page with regard to CASA’s regulatory role. The Government’s clear expectation is that CASA’s consultation with the aviation industry will be broadly based, focussed and constructive.

CASA’s current consultative arrangements are, however, time consuming and industry and CASA share a view that entrenched disagreements exposed in the consultation processes should not impede timely regulatory action, including the development of new regulations.

The Aviation Regulation Review Taskforce, chaired by Dr Allan Hawke, addressed the issue of the pace of CASA’s regulatory reform program, which has been underway for close to a decade. The Taskforce, whose report can be accessed at<http://www.casa.gov.au/newrules/taskforce/index.htm>,made a number of recommendations in this area to expedite progress. Many of these are already being addressed and some significant progress has been made recently in finalising important regulations.

The Government is committed to implementing the Taskforce’s key recommendation that the regulatory reform program be completed by 2010-11 and, in consultation with CASA’s management and the new Board, the Government will support reforms to CASA’s consultation with industry that lead to effective, quicker and more transparent safety regulatory outcomes. The aim of these reforms will be to allow industry views to be collected and timely regulatory decisions to be reached that meet the balance of public interest
And the GWEP (page105):
Recognising the importance of regulatory certainty and clarity to the industry, the Government places a high priority on finalising the reform of these three suites of regulations. In response to the findings of the Aviation Regulation Review Taskforce (the Hawke Taskforce), the Government is taking action on a number of fronts to expedite the development of these core regulations and other elements of the current regulatory agenda.

Okay so the ARRT report was referenced and incorporated into the green and white paper, so all good so far! It is also interesting to note that the 2008 Senate Inquiry report was also referenced in the GWEP:
Senate Committee report
The Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport (the Senate Committee) conducted an inquiry into the administration of CASA and related matters during the Issues Paper consultation period, and reported publicly on 18 September 2008. The Committee supported the introduction of a CASA Board and revision of CASA’s funding arrangements, and recommended the regulatory reform program be concluded as quickly as possible.

The Committee also recommended that the Auditor-General, an independent statutory officer, consider auditing CASA’s implementation and administration of SMS.

So combine all that lot with Albo’s statement of expectations of the Fort Fumble Board (at appendix C of the GWEP), everything was going along swimmingly...so what happened?? Perhaps we need to issue a Show Cause Notice on the Department (of whatever) as there would appear that there is a number of non-compliances by Kingcrat & co in failing to administer government policy (that had industry goodwill and backing) over a period of at least 5 years...

Hint Senators/Minister: For reference start with the ARRT report recommendations and then the three Senate Inquiry recommendations/findings since.
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