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Drift - with moderator indulgence.

It really is very, very simple Algie; just don't read my twiddles, if they offend thee so much. But, if you must, then read everyone's posts on the page. Then, you will see that the current topic is the CASA report; recently published, read by and commented on by those with an intelligent interest of how aviation is managed.

Despite your endless, tedious, easily ignored personal attacks, achieving nothing apart from making you appear slightly fatuous, you could use that energy, actually do the reading and contribute to the topic. As for your support; well, there must be a place somewhere on your planet where the sun don't shine; apply therein.

Churchill’s potent spirit of perseverance and determination is best summed up in one of his own maxims: “We must just KBO.” The initials stood for “Keep Buggering On.”8 Churchill understood the dangers of defeatism and poor morale as a soldier and leader, so he set the example needed to inspire others around him… and he kept “buggering on.”

Drift off - Ta,...
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