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Sarcs 1 - "K" 0.

Now, the infamous soft white paper was at least useful and would burn nicely. But this new shiny stuff is of no practical value whatsoever. When it was published I thought, Oh ho, here's a bit of fun, there has got to be some howlers within which can be strung together, for the amusement of the fellahin, the hoi polloi and the IOS. Nope – sorry: by page 14 I was slightly nauseous; at page 15 reaching for a bucket and I lost my lunch at the end of page 16. After a short recovery I gamely cherry picked between pages 77 and 102, but alas, the feeling of nausea and ennui returned. Hence the search for a more practical application.

The ATSB report was at least bearable and worthy of some attention; the ATSB troops will try to wright the ship and will, with qualified leadership revert to a world class safety authority. But, if Truss swallows any of the CASA rubbish, his advisors need to be fired or handed over to the AFP for perpetrating serious fraud. Never has a printed document revealed the absolute hopelessness of attempting to recover an expensive department to a point where it can be useful. The bare faced deception now published at great expense, the complicity of those who wrote it and the perfect arrogant contempt for government, industry and the taxpayer beggars belief (or reinforces it). Gods help the next DAS who turns up with less than a SWAT team, and a bus load of new faces, to start again.

CJ# 247 –"But of great humour was the CASA spin, the performance measures (complete load of poo) and the 'delays being managed' including percentages, oh my god, you have to be kidding us right?"
CJ # 247 –"If they consider Certificate Management Teams and the completion of the 12 year re-write of the crap SPM to be a success then our industry is in worse shape than even the most diehard critic realizes. (my bold).
Someone should tell the senior Truss, caveat emptor, very very heavy emphasis on caveat. Guilty by association is still on the statutes.
Wiki - Caveat emptor is Latin for "Let the buyer beware" (from caveat, "may he beware", the subjunctive of cavere, "to beware" + emptor, "buyer").
Sarcs # 1604 "However what caught my attention on FF’s disclosure log was an entry for July: f13-4067
Now this document may have been dredged up elsewhere on here (and is probably more relevant to Creamy’s Reg Reform thread) but many of the findings and recommendations of the ARRT in 2007 have a familiar theme to this and many other threads.

When I first read the quote, it was of passing interest; but it may be the catch of the year. Something is going on; had a beer with P7 on Saturday (I.O.U.) he mentioned some of his crew had telephone calls from the Commonwealth Ombudsman's office, seeking permission to release documents under FOI. While the stuff wasn't 'ancient' history, it was not 'fresh'. As Al Capone said, once is circumstance, twice is happenstance, three times is enemy action. I wonder what's going on???. Someone is digging deep. Insert Kelpie::: endit......

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