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A new twist in the Chinese medical saga. They now apparently are doing cross region medical evals. China is broken down into about 5 regions. Now the Beijing docs check the Shanghai region and the Guanzhou docs check Beijing and so on and so forth. Foreign Captains are now failing at a much higher rate than the past. On every medical it is usually 5% will fail here but now over 10% have not passed and many are doing ridiculous additional tests. For example one young Foreign Captain who had a slight abnormality on his EKG caused by their poor quality machine was forced to take a CT scan, echocardiogram and wear a 24 holter monitor EKG. Sometimes in China they will not actually even tell you that you have failed. You sit by awaiting further tests and then eventually somebody tells you after 1-2 months with no pay that it is not possible that you wil pass. Come here with a 3 year outlook and then leave and you might make it to the end of your contract if you are very lucky and you aren't terminated for altitude bust, QAR, copilot hard landings, ridiculous sim evaluations every 6 months or your medical. There are obstacles at every turn and Zero long term survivability here.