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roulishollandais :

Thank you for the very kind response … but, I should be the one pleading “my bad,” and not you. You, sir, very obviously read, write, and understand the English language, and do so quite nicely, when, very likely (at least apparently … due to your stated location) English is probably not your “native language.” I’ve traveled a good deal around our world and I am very conscious of the reputation my countrymen have as “Ugly Americans” – and it makes me realize that all of us “Americans” have a responsibility to offer a more accurate sense of American behavior that is demonstratively different from that all-to-often-used (and sometimes, quite regrettable and quite accurate) description. Americans like me (with me very likely being at the front of the line) should be more aware and considerate of all of our neighbors, all over the globe, who participate on this forum. All of this is to say … I was serious about attempting to watch, and curb when appropriate, my easily surfaced ironic statements … but, unfortunately, I was also serious about not being able to make any promises. That said, you can be sure that any irony I may project is not meant to criticize or belittle – only to demonstrate the underlying conviction I have about the subject being discussed. See you "around the pattern."

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