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roulishollandais –

I guess I was presuming too much … again. Please understand that I am fully aware that ATC had/has all that information, and that they were most surely observing the separation of those two aircraft. I also completely understand that it was NOT the wing-tip vortices that caused the A-300 tail to snap off. What I was attempting to say – however so badly ironic as it appeared – is that it seems that those here who do know, understand and accept the cause, and others here who don’t know, still refuse to believe that a pilot could ever make such a basic mistake, and therefore continue to attempt to present their own experiences that no one here believes for a second, to try to affirm the airplane construction as the true culprit. Every aviator on this site knows that NO pilot is going to go around “kicking the rudders back and forth” … whether they say they do or not. These poor examples of intelligent beings are simply stuck in their belief that it was the airplane that simply fell apart – and I was attempting to show how idiotic it would be to accept that conclusion and then ironically offer possible solutions to what they want us to believe was the accident’s cause. Sorry, if I was a bit too ironic. I’ll try to watch that in the future – but, I make no promises.

10watt -

I think, if you decided to hang around a while longer, you’d find that most of the participants here do indeed have professional credentials … and it just may be that it is probable that you have read the offerings from those few to whom your questions are quite apropos. Unfortunately, that’s the risk one takes for regular participation on an anonymous forum such as this one … however, it wouldn’t take long before you would be able to pick up on those commenters in whom you might be able to find some degree of logic and experience … and correctly identify those who could spend their time more advantageously by blowing their hot air into party balloons.

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