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I have spent most of my 23 years in aviation in Africa, and all I can say is that your happiness in the job/locale is entirely up to you. If you leave home expecting to struggle then chances are good that you will struggle. As said earlier, leave your politics/religious issues/prejudices and baggage at home, there will be lots for you where you are going. In most places, the Nationals will resent your presence because it either shows them up as inadequate or they will resent the often present salary differential.

I have worked in places where you can wander off to the shops or stop in at a pub for a beer and I have been in places where you need a police escort to and from work and are locked into a compound/camp/hotel because it's really unsafe for a foreigner to be out alone. I have heard bullets fly over the hangar and a machine has come back with holes in it. Colleagues have been kidnapped in one place.
Some can handle it, others leave or transfer out elsewhere.

I have garnered a working knowledge of Portuguese, Spanish and French as a result of my travels and I have seen places and things that have had me accused of being a liar when I talk about some of them.

Do I enjoy it?
I really don't enjoy being away from home for so long and missing the milestones in my kids' growth and developement, nor do I like having to leave it all for my wife to carry the load for so long by herself.
I really like the 5+ months off after travel which is on my time and the tax benefit makes it worthwhile, financially. When I am home, I do the morning school run and the fetching and carrying to give Madame a break and try to fit in to their lives without disrupting their balance too badly, because one thing that lots of folks don't realise is that your coming home IS special, but the world hasn't been stationary while you were away and there are things that happen day to day which you just need to accept and adapt to without rocking the boat too badly.

All in all, I really enjoy what I do and I do think you should give it a try, you may like it too.
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