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a new set of regulations about “following behind” a suspiciously heavy airplane. Perhaps we all could have something like the WWII silhouette books
These rules already exist and are used by ATC. Today these "books" are computer files..
ATC had that information in their files over the Queens and was separating the two airliners. It was not the weather but the turning path which put the A300/600 in the wake turbulence of'the B747. It was not the wake turbulence which destroyed the VS but the rudder pedaling.
would have all OTHER airplane
and what if following the same type?
airplane’s radar have to be modified to pick up the ATC identifications to indicate what airplane type is being referenced?
flying IFR in FIR without ATC? Or would it be a add to the TCAS? In controlled flight it would be an illogical repartition of work, between ATC and pilots, IMHO. ATC must improve the actual separation distance, included at landing (we started that discussion re Asiana).

I suggest an addendum to the traditional flight enveloppe, of the quantified limitations/enveloppe about position&time, speed-rate or rotation, and accelerations describing the plane dynamic considering the transient parts of piloting (phase planes). Math and computer Science of aerodynamic was not enough developped when they imagined the flight enveloppe.
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