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Cover up's, crooks and numpty's

More lies, more arrogance, more deception, more pony pooh.

Oh the GWM truly is a stronger mafia than Italians in New York. Call them the untouchables I say. And now there is a new Don, 'Don Truss'. He will ensure all his Capo's are protected from those horrible things called justice and accountability. As for the Senators, what Senators? All shall be kneecapped and buried in a shallow grave so to speak. Dead men cant talk, and the GWM will make sure their protectors around the hallways of Canberra see to it that nothing comes up against the executive turds of aviation. No sir, sleepy hollow is protected by powerful sith lords with voodoo abilities and small johnson's.
They fear not Kharon's beloved ferryman, they fear not the Gobbledock's ICAO connections, they fear not the ghosts of Hempel and Wright.
The CAsA are protected by the mighty bald eagle, the powerful witch doctor and the silly old test pilot (very former one at that) and his dodgy ticker. Soon the angry man will depart, retire to his beloved Brisbane river home and his Yak, another crooked batty boy will take up the 'commander and thief' role in the DAS unit and commence the cycle of trough indulgence, obsfucation and rorting.

Perhaps Lord Collins will be the new aviation expert appointee? Or a new board member even? Oh fun times ahead, and nice pay packets too.

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