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(Note: I'm trying to break the PPRuNe record for the longest single sentence paragraphs ever written on this site.)
Now migrant women and refugees are the victims of racism
Racism is the catch-all phrase that covers every unpleasantness. In 99% of cases, it isn't racism, it's tribalism, especially when the women of one tribe (you all know the one I mean) make a statement that is loud, clear and totally unmistakeable every time they step in to the street "Lookitme! Lookitme! I'm different to all the rest of you!" by the way they dress.

It might not be very nice, but it's human nature for some from the other tribes, perhaps because they aren't very nice people themselves, perhaps because they're simply having a bad day, to sometimes express their displeasure at women who are so obviously of another tribe - particularly if there is a perception (even if it's not true) that that other tribe enjoys advantages that their tribe does not.

The Labor Lefties love to tell us of the benefits of multiculturalism, (benefits that somehow elude the notice of those forced to 'enjoy' living in the most multicultural areas), but again, it's human nature (or just more comfortable) for people to want to live among their own, and the Labor Lefties do it themselves by congregating in their inner city café latte suburbs where they can mix with like-minded people and constantly reassure themselves that their ideas about the way things should be are right and all is well with the world by reinforcing those opinions every time they have an exchange with one of their own.

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