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and at least I could, from memory, indicate at least one plane that had a limitation on control movement.
Yes, but in the case of the Sabre, except for the 65 which does not have that restriction, it was more about pilot capability rather than a structural issue.

Also, the 65 not having that restriction was the reason I had to look up the limitations. I could not say for sure that the 40 had any control movement restrictions or limitations.

Well that and being an old fart.

oh and con pilot...I seem to remember that at FL450 one of us had to be on oxygen all the time (it might be my memory fade or not...what do you remember?)

Actually above FL-400 or FL-410, depending on which pressure controller one had in the 40 and FL-410 for the 80 and 65, all occupants in the aircraft must wear an O2 mask, not just the pilots.

That's what the limitations are. I'm sure every Sabre operator complied with that.

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