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When I flew it to FL450 without autopilot I had 10 hours in it and it was my first jet. and it took a little getting use to...but in a few minutes I had "THE HANG OF IT". SO excuse me again.
So your answer is a very inexperienced pilot . Fair enough, would have helped if you had said so at the start.

The Sabre 40 was the third aircraft I was typed in, the Jet Commander and Lear Jet (Lear 24) were the first two. After hand flying the Jet Commander at altitude, it was a pleasure hand flying the Sabre 40. The Lear 24 was not all that bad, but the 40 was much easier, nicer and more comfortable.

so some guy, did you happen to fly for HP?
No, the Sabre 40 and 65 was in corporate flight operations and the Sabre 80s were ex-FAA flight check aircraft that I flew while I was flying for the US Marshal Service.

BUT again it proves my point.
As for your point, I'm unsure of just what point you were attempting to prove. All I am responding to is your statement that flying the Sabre 40 was extremely difficult as compare to other aircraft that you have flown. Which indicated to me that you had experience hand flying other jet aircraft at that altitude. But now I understand that you did not have any previous experience hand flying other aircraft at that altitude, which makes what you posted very understandable.

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