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Thanks to all of you for your asnwers!!

So it looks like a paper on the matter actually existed. Hereīs the reference I was talking about in my previous post:

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Itīs taken from the COS 37Th meeting, dated April 30th.

I surely be interested in getting to read how would someone plan to set up a 4000 fts long runway in South Georgia, in 6 months time in the middle of an antarctic winter!! Donīt get me wrong: Iīm not saying it cannot be done, specially when I pay close attention to the FOB San Carlos construction (less than two weeks). Itīs just that Iīd like to read such a paper.

Talking about FOBs during that War... have you seen this?? (Taken from an INTSUM, dated June 10, 1982):

A FOB Teal Inlet already set up by June 10th?? Any comments??


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