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The below is from an email today, with an update from the RAAA conference.
Obviously, they were no convinced by the soothing words of Mr. McCormick about what is supposed to be in Part 61, because they are more concerned about what is actually in Part 61 now, before a whole swag of amendments, now in the mill, hit the streets --- and Part 61, Version 1.0 isn't even in operation yet.
Looks like most of the member of the Regional Aviation Association of Australia are at least Honorary Members of the Ills of Society Society.
Tootle pip!!

Warren Truss addressed the RAA Conference today and he told the
> regional airlines that they are close to completing the terms of
> reference for the review by an international expert.
> He stated that he will make the announcement in a month or two.
> He also stated that the Board will be changed and the indication was
> it would be this year.
> He re-affirmed that he has to take the decisions as quickly as
> possible to implement their policy.
> The RAAA Chair, Jeff Boyd, in his opening speech stated too much had
> been wasted and we are out of step in this region. He went on to say
> the RAAA Board supports the adoption of the NZ system.
> Everyone is against the current direction and totally against Part 61.

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