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Originally Posted by bubbers44 View Post
Clandestino, does not Airbus teach pilots with loss of IAS that holding last attitude and power and getting out UAS checklist is the answer or do the French rely on Airbus automation?
Originally Posted by bubbers44 View Post
Of course if the auto pilot clicks off you need someone that knows how to hold an attitude and not just pull up.
Bubbers, you've answered your own question, because if the Airbus's systems detect a UAS condition, then the automation will automatically disengage. The old UAS procedure is available in the AF447 report, but the gist of it was to maintain a pitch of no more than 5 degrees and use appropriate power settings. I believe it has since been revised to read more simply, but in practice it's much the same.

What has changed for both Boeing and Airbus manuals since AF447 is the approach to training for stall handling - which was considered inadequate across the board as it relied purely on avoidance on approach to stall and had no advice or instruction for recovery when a stall developed (consequently meaning that a significant chunk of airline pilots had not practiced recovery from a stall since their PPL days).

misd-again: I think this is the report you're referring to:

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