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Is Kharon's post invisible or something??

Kharon paying Dick a compliment and everyone missed it, or maybe no one wants to recognise that Dick maybe eccentric and some of his ideas might be out there but he has always worn his heart on his sleeve...

A new approach to enforcement

And this wouldn't be a Sarcs post without a coupla quotes:
First, aviation safety depends upon there being a high level of trust between CASA and the industry. The Board is concerned that over recent years the level of trust has declined. Some parts of the industry believe that CASA’s current enforcement processes are arbitrary, inconsistent and unfair. Key organisations are advising their members not to speak to CASA about incidents or rule contraventions. There is much work to be done by both CASA and industry to repair the damage that has been done, but the Board believes that a new approach to enforcement is a good place to begin.
This is not a new problem and was clearly expressed by Sir Donald Anderson, the Director-General of the Department of Civil Aviation, in an open letter to the industry dated 16 October 1972. Sir Donald stated:
I have been concerned for some time by the number of incidents which reveal an element of reluctance on the part of pilots to seek help. It seems to me that it may be helpful if I, as Director-General, give some lead on the rapport which I believe needs to exist between pilots and others in the system if we are to avoid some of the mistakes that are evident. It is important that no barrier should exist to inhibit a readiness by all to give and take in the common interest of safety
If an atmosphere of reluctance or hostility develops to a point where there is discouragement from making full use of the services available, the end result could be disastrous in critical operational situations.
A similar concern was expressed 23 years later in the Plane Safe Report of the Parliamentary Committee chaired by Peter Morris MP. The Committee stated:
“The committee was dismayed by the denigration, venom and viciousness of the evidence. This attitude of mistrust if not mutual contempt between the participants places a heavy load on CASA in fulfilling its statutory function of promoting higher safety standards through education, training, advice and consultation.”
and two.. nah bugger it those interested enough can do their own bloody clicking

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