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I'm intrigued as to how he comes up with his readership figure of 800K when his combined total hits on his site and Fbook is 300 000 . One would assume that there is some crossover between the two (people who read his website probably also like his Facebook page) so the number of actual fans would be less rather than more.

The Australian sells over 125K papers a day (according to their website) which Pickering conveniently forgets to mention. How many people who buy it then read Richo's column is impossible to determine, but I'll bet it's higher than the zero Pickering has attributed to it.

As for the rest; is any of it actually new? He concedes himself that the AFR broke the Swiss bank account story back in the days of yore, and the rest of it seems to be the same ol' yarns that have been doing the rounds for years.

However, the bit I find most curious is how he first claims that Richardson has no influence, then goes on to detail how he has influenced various recent ALP decisions including the Gillard coup.

I enjoy the occasional Pickering rant and there's no doubt he has some good sources, but TBQH I thought this one was a bit flat.

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