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That really sums it up doesn't it Codyblade,

I received an application once that had half the medical questions blank. I called the guy and told him that sending in a form that isn't complete won’t do him any favours. He told me he was unable to get the answers to the questions from his mother.

"So you’re telling me you have to ask your mother if you have had Tuberculosis or Malaria?"

I got an email from him a week or so later wanting to know why he hadn't been called for an interview. He couldn't figure it out himself so I had to tell him. He thought I was being unfair on him.

This is an update to the original post. For those of you who didn't get the point I was trying to make I will spell it out for you. If you cant understand information presented to you in a straight forward manner written in English then maybe you are embarking on the wrong career path. This forum is littered with people who seem unable to grasp simple concepts or ideas and need other forum members to "check" that they have the right understanding of something.
The person who I mentioned above had 250 hours TT with the usual endorsements yet he seemingly had no idea if he had ever contracted these two life threatening diseases. If it was mumps or chickenpox then it would have been different.
Please think before you post and don't expect other forum members to do your research for you. The moronic questions asked by people on this forum would make a lot of people in Cathay now dread what type of person they will have to endure sitting next to if even half these people manage to get in.

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