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For sure. The beer with Thomson during the election campagin was another well publicised own goal. At least we were spared the sight of Albo rolling around in his undies licking a hammer, but next to that having a drink with ol' mate Craig came a close second when it came to attracting media attention.

This is the problem; habits that went largely unreported in the 1980s political heyday are now on Facebook for everyone to see. Everyone's got a camera/telegram machine in their pocket, ie a smartphone. Everyone's a reporter. This has also hit the Libs, particularly in Queensland (and Brandis in the federal sphere) so they're not blameless either.

All of them have to wake up to the fact that whatever they do will be reported somewhere. They're no longer protected by a semi-friendly media with editors who decide what's going to press. Everything's out there, and if it's not pretty? Expect to be reading about it.

Is a massage parlour better or worse than misusing funds? How about appointing your rellies to well paid positions (as both sides have form for)? Of course all are bad, but which is badder? The Libs are lucky with Abbott in that he seems to be monstrously boring, but I've no doubt there will be ministers who aren't so squeaky clean. What then?

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