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Snakecharma, with respect, I can only go on what I read in official documents. Opinions of what may or may have not been the case simply aren't valid as a source of information and I cannot accept them in forming conclusions. It's a bit like believing a rumour whilst ignoring a fact. Some punters here have essentially stated that the CzFOs employed in the early days had taken a dead-end job. I differ in my opinion of this based the FAQs sheet as a policy document. To form a conclusion based on rumours or other's personal opinions when there is other, more robust, data would be irrational.

If the original executive GM had had his way none of the virgin blue guys
would have been able to come over and pollute the "culture" of V.
I never heard him say this or anything like it. I do know that he was dismayed that many of those domestic people who applied and were given interviews simply didn't turn up. I did hear him say that if they lacked the courtesy to not show for an interview, then he wasn't interested in them at any stage down the track. I think that this is fair enough. I also think that anyone who did this should be subject to some form of company discipline; clearly they lack the maturity to be a captain. Or even an FO.
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