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V Australia will assist in facilitating
this process, and credit
will be given for the applicant's service with V Australia.
Selective editing leads to a different conclusion as to what is meant. You need to read the passage in its whole

The normal Virgin Blue application process means that the CRFO's were intended
to be treated the same as externals - i.e. NO career path other than that
offered to everyone else
From what I know, DHD, the company always intended for CzFOs to have credit given for their start date with the group. In fact, it's written in the FAQ document.

Cruise Relief First Officer's will have the opportunity to
expand their experience within the Virgin Blue group fleet (B737, Embraer). V Australia's preferred option is to progress flight crew vertically, but should
this not be possible after 2 - 3 years, the Cruise Relief First Officer may
elect to apply for a position with Virgin Blue as First Officer, through the
normal Virgin Blue application process.

I've copied the sentence that you referred to in its entirety, j3cub. Again. If only 1/3rd of the words written register on your brain, I cannot help you any further.

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