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Be thankful for small mercies, SOPS. Imagine the damage the bastard would have done had he been employed full time.

Just the desal plants in (is it only three?) capital cities on the east coast will be a gift from the Greens that keeps on giving to the long-suffering taxpayer for the foreseeable future. On the ABC this morning, they said one of them, (I think the one in Brisbane, but am not sure), is costing a million dollars a week to maintain. It doesn't produce any water for that price, just sits there sucking money from the economy.

I read on the Bolt report that the Greens are refusing to say how many members they currently have in the Party, but at their peak, they had only slightly more than 5000. That means this country of 23 million+ has been held to ransom for six years by a political party which has considerably fewer than 5,000 members. (and from what Bolt says, he believes it is CONSIDERABLY fewer than 5,000).

Add to that, next July, we will have two or three senators starting a six year term who elicited fewer than two thousand primary votes, (one of them around 1200).

The system of government we exist under is barking mad.
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