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It is self evident Part 135 in its present form (or anything like its present form) will destroy GA Charter --- it is as simple as that.

Just have a look at the minimum requirements for an "Air Transport Operation" airfield in Part 135 --- that alone eliminates a large proportion of what we do now.

Virtually none of the new and severe restrictions are based on a rational risk management approach to a genuine safety problem --- because CASA says they don't need to be.

As 400 and some probably know, the ultra simplistic -- even fundamentalist extremest ( the aviation Taliban??) -- approach to the interpretation of the Act, that accidents and incidents are required to be minimized, without regard to cost or impact on the sector, has given rise to this nonsense.

But never mind, even if Part 135 wasn't so bad, the new maintenance regulations (in draft for your entertainment and education --- see the CASA web site) are unaffordable in the extreme.

Somebody described them as "maintaining a C-172 like a jumbo" but it isn't like that (silly as that would be/is) but much worse.

Not that the GA maintenance rules apply to "air transport", if your C-172 is used for Part 135 operations, it's the full on Part 145 for you.

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