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From the Canadian investigation ...
On 23 July 2011, a Cougar Helicopters’ Sikorsky S-92A. After engaging the go-around mode of the automatic flight control system during the departure, the helicopter’s pitch attitude increased to approximately 23° nose-up while in instrument meteorological conditions. A rapid loss of airspeed occurred.
I'll ask this same question again, with a rhetorical sense.

Are you flying the aircraft, or is the aircraft flying you? I've had vertigo a few times over water, in the dark, IMC/night. It's no fun at all.

Consider your habit patterns, and see if you can place what you usually do, and where things go wrong, to get to where that crew ended up.

What are you doing, what are you looking at, and where are your hands and feet .. as the aircraft's pitch attitude goes up?
Once there, it's probably not productive to ask "Why did you let it go up when you know that pitch attitude isn't the one you wanted" but "How do you get this nose attitude back to the proper one, now?" (UA training, here we come ... )

For those gents, the question to answer was: how did that pitch attitude get there?

Some of the symptoms (pitch and airspeed loss) look similar to the accident under discussion in this thread. The weather was poor ... were they in the process of a GA? Hopefully, we'll find out when the report goes final. (Granted, different aircraft models and different avionics systems).

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