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Thelearner, tks for incl me in a elite group BUT really I dont belong there. Worked 8 weeks along time ago only in the NS and worked for 1 of the operators remotely for a few years but not part of the big players at the moment.

Advantage of a smaller new offshore company, I took our proposals to change SOP's direct to top management ignoring Quality abd Safety and their audit checklists. CEO and Ops manager asked for updates from this thread and what the big boys are saying as well as started asking casual questions to our crews. Result, we snagged a aircraft for auto pilot uncommanded yaw inputs and asked different crews to do test flight without knowing situation and report status of aircraft. We identified the "I dont need the FLM or AMM checklist to decide", "dont really need it so dont know difference", "dont know how to interpret FLM instruction", "know the system and followed the correct FLM check and accordingly certified aircraft as serviceable" crews. We even got to identify a Commander who knew the system and FLM but got side tracked by his co-plt ego! We now have loads off additional sim sessions and prev sim training under investigation, aircraft hours allocated, auto pilot ground school being booked with manufacturer and human factors-in addition to CRM-training for all pilots and engineers.

Not so easy in a big organisation, but I think the process followed by the company using a nonexistant defect and test flights by different crew taught us how many variables a known can have! Aircraft was fully serviceable during the exercise.
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