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The new Rig Approach AP mentioned for S92 also worries me (also as previous comments say S92 AP very inerior to EC225?) - the helideck is usually very close to the Derrick - I would want to be hand flown on/off the rig as we are now.
You will still be hand flown on and off the decks using the Sikorsky Automated Approach.

I would suggest the criticism of the SK Autopilot system while comparing it to the EC system is exactly the same concept as has been done by some comparing the Boeing/EC Fixed Wing automation philosophies.....just accept they are different and each have their merits and perhaps shortcomings.

The questions that keep cropping up now are very much the same that have been brought up before....and the explanation for why they remain is still the same as before.

As noted by way too many of us....it is the "Culture" of the Offshore Helicopter Business (that includes every single one of the participants...CAA, EASA, JAA, FAA, Helicopter Operators, Oil Companies, Unions, Pilots, Engineers, Insurance Companies), that is the root cause of all these issues.

Each participant has its own agenda, own Ox that gets gored whenever changes do occur and thus must be defended.

Until an agreement can be arrived at that will facilitate a truly free debate and genuine willingness to address ALL of the issues and settle upon a prioritized program of improvements, followed up by an evaluation of the various projects to determine if all the players are working together as they should....not much will change. As in the Past....we shall only see incremental change that evolves from biased decisions and not fundamental changes that we need.

We have to get away from the attitude of looking for excuses "not to do something" and embrace an attitude of seeking ways "to do" something.

A quick and simple example.....the Sikorsky Automated Approach....was immediately "Dead on Arrival" in UK waters as expressed by some. I fully understand there are very serious considerations that need to be weighed in adopting such a novel concept....but at least it should be approached with an attitude of "How can we make use of this new Technology?".

We can look back and recall the very great reluctance of the UK to embrace GPS.

Lord knows....we had that discussion all those years here at Rotorheads and just recently it has been discussed here if not in this particular thread. For sure it was at the "Bristow Photos" thread.

There have been excellent ideas for positive change presented here along with some very enlightened commentary by those in a position to see the need for improvements.
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