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Originally Posted by krunkworx

Thanks for the reply! Interesting point about not staggering flight lessons. Just out of curiosity, did you take your lessons as part of a program? Was it part of a PPL or can you book lessons without having/or working towards a PPL?
I just went to the flight school and asked to work towards my first solo. I didn't end up making it to solo, but by the first 10 hours I had a basic understanding of basic aircraft manoeuvres. But as I said; I staggered my lessons so I feel as though they were of limited benefit, though the board was satisfied with my motivation.

If for some obscure reason the flying school doesn't like your vague approach, I would imagine that doing the first 10 or so hours towards your GFPT would be a good way to go. Otherwise, I've heard gliding is an excellent way to learn and teaches you good rudder control, which sometimes receives less attention than it deserves from civvy flying instructors
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