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Originally Posted by BravoJulietCharlie
Well I passed the assessment day and I had sorted out most of the required paper work for submission to PSA, then today the medical department at DFR called to tell me that (now that they have the report from my Dr.) my file has to now be reviewed by Avmed in Adelaide before I can be nominated for an FSP course.

I've searched the medication I'm currently prescribed online regarding Aviation medical, and all I found indicated that it shouldn't be a problem (it's a very minor condition I might add)

Has anyone out there been in a similar situation? Is it something for me to be worried about? What sort of timeframe can i expect an answer? I am pretty worried about it
I'm not sure what condition you have, and I do hope it isn't serious or a barrier to your entry, however I will share with you my experience regarding AVMed and medication. I was given a class 3R (restricted) medical status based partly on the fact that I was experiencing mild reflux and was on medication for it accordingly. Because of this I was required to have an exploratory procedure to fully assess the seriousness of the condition. My understanding from the doctor was that if it was the case that I was required to take medication on an ongoing, indefinite basis, I would be deemed unfit and given a class 4. Fortunately this was not the case, but it would seem that any prescribed medication would have to be temporary and of a "non-recurring" nature. I would also assume that you would be held to the same standard, but having said that I'm obviously not from AVMed so this may not be the whole story in regards to options and rulings.

I hope this helps and that things go well for you!



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