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BS! They put you on a 139? But you're not a new hire!!

Long time no see buddy!

DoobyDoo, your friend's issues may or may not be gender related. Many of the same things that I, and friends like Bladestrike, love about this work are horrors to some of our coworkers.

I am learning the local language right now, as I try to do in each country I work. Most coworkers can't understand why I would bother.

Many guys (or gals, you choose) won't go to a base unless they can be attached to facebook, facetime, skype, etc. My best times were on bases where I felt truly away from that world. Of course, depends on how old the kids are.

I relish the chance to explore new cuisine, and some guys won't eat breakfast if it isn't bangers and mash!

You won't know until you try, but take an honest look in the mirror and decide if you really want to know!
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