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I voted yesterday, (obeying at least half of that old ALP dictum "vote early and vote often"). It was a waste of time, at least my Lower House vote, for I'm in one of the safest Labor seats in the country and it will take a landslide of unimaginable proportions to oust the oxygen thief who "represents" me.

What I really like about the process is that while standing in line, I was able to share a joke and chat amiably with a bloke who (judging by the only how to vote slip he was holding in his hand), was going to vote for Kev - and, he felt quite happy to chat to me with my differently coloured how to vote slip in my hand.

What I didn't like was that:

(a) I didn't have to show any ID to do what should be among the most important things I could ever hope to do in a democracy. (I can't rent a bloody video without showing PHOTO ID!!!)

(b) my name, although crossed off by the nice lady, remains available to be crossed off again at every other polling station in the electorate, and I (or someone else) could lodge a postal or absentee vote in my name as well, and

(c) when marking my voting slips, I was provided with a soft lead pencil that would allow someone - anyone - to so easily 'amend' my slip with a quick wipe of an eraser.

When you consider that three or four seats were decided by fewer than 200 votes in the 2010 election, Tony Abbott really should add electoral reform, at the very least a computer a every polling booth connected to a centralised data base to prevent double voting, to his list of things that must be fixed.
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