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Some people here, (along with Labor politicians) are carrying on as if Rupert Murdoch's support for one political party in an Australian (and British, and American?) election is something new.

His papers have always picked a side - certainly not always the Right/Conservative side - and made no secret where their sympathies lie.

Back in the Whitlam years, his support went both ways, and Labor copped it sweet and never complained when he supported them. (But squealed like girls - or like their current counterparts - when he switched to the Libs.)

When the Murdoch press switched, it was usually absolute, to the point where, whatever Labor did, they were shown in a bad light in the Murdoch press, to the point where a joke did the rounds in Canberra (I think it was the '74 election, where, despite Murdoch backing the Libs, Labor still won).

The joke?

The ALP holds is Christmas picnic on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Everyone gets a bit tanked, to the point where they urge Gough to prove what they all 'know' - that their Messiah can walk on water. Sauced up more than a little himself, Gough gingerly steps out onto the lake and.... HE WALKS ON WATER!!!! Increasing in confidence, he strides across the lake, the soles of his shoes hardly getting damp.

The Pardee faithful fall to the knees in adoration (as they've continued to do to this day), and all the national newspapers ran banner headlines about Whitlam's feat the next morning.

....except Sydney's 'Daily Telegraph'.


Nothing's changed -except that, incredibly, Labor governments have become even more inept than the sorry shower that Whitlam led.
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