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Europe once again shows its anarchist face against UNO/ICAO system. They contest the laws, the logic, the reality of the ground's and obstacles' limits. Please don't fly out of Europe and don't transport not European passengers. (But once again what is "Europe" and which "Europe" - ICAO European region, European Union of 28 sovereign Countries, Eurozone, Benelux, Geographic zone from Atlantic to Oural? ?) Watch Europe's crazy history ! Aviation safety and travel freedom needs to have only one system based on international worldwide treaties in ICAO. Millions People died during worldwide Wars to get SUCH FREEDOM in a SAFE world.

Constant descend angle method once again shows its ideologic agressive and limited private conception.

Dive and drive method respects the actual ground's shape irregularities and is building approach procedures at minimum price with minimum descend (and not decision) altitude. Dive and drive concepts are build on experience of pilots, not on insurance rates and off-shor Banksters connected to Kings and Queens European Countries. Dive and drive method respects operational mathematical analysis rules where TWO sorts of parameters - and not only ONE - are used differently : 1. variables who state Limitations ("constraints"), and 2. adjustables variables who increase performance, wealth, optimization. In the approach design the first are mandatory couples distance/altitude (true altitude not baro dependant indicated altitude or angle), the latter are used to verify the path (tables in NPA) but are not mandatory.

I would like to refer too to the existence of the 15% rule of obstacle clearance in NPA procedures design : The captain of the F-GGED crash flew it (220 kts, 3300 FT/mn) but could not see he had to stop at 3660 FT until the FAF ar 7 NM DME to STR VOR, as the AF/ATLAS chart did not show the FAF position where altitude is mandatory. Appearant "Constant" descend angle method just ignores it.... as it decides to ignore MDA is ground- minimal.

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