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Send you a pm, but have since done some more digging and came up with the following: there are 3 ways to designate a RNP approach(we use LIDO as well). In the header it will say:

1 RNAV(GNSS)= RNP approach
2 RNAV(GPS)= RNP approach as well ( think, but not sure, this is mainly used in The US)
3 RNAV(RNP)= RNP AR approach

So all 3 are RNP approaches! In your airplane manual it should state in the limitations section RNP APP approved and you should be authorised by your authority. for 3 there should be additional requirements.

So, no, you can't fly those unless the airplane is certified(RNP APCH in the limitation section) and authorization is granted by your authority.

Any other non precision approaches that are coded in your FMS can be flown in LNAV and VNAV(if it has a GP coded in your database but to a higher MDA than a real RNP with APV).

To give you an example, in my company, the 777 and A330 can do RNP approaches while the 747 is technically capable of RNP approaches but we have not received authorization yet to do those, in the limitation section of the airplane manual it does not state RNP APCH( it is pending, and in the mean time we are practicing them in the sim until we get approval). However, on the 747 we do al non precision approaches( LOC, VOR, NDB) in LNAV/VNAV as long as they are coded in the FMS.

Hope this helps! This goes for my company and is what we are thought but may be different in yours.

Question for you: what kind of airplane do you fly and in the limitation section of your airplane manual, what does it say in type of operation? Does it say RNP APCH approved? Mine currently says B-RNAV, P-RNAV, RNP-4, RNP-5 and RNP-10.

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