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Speed of Sound;
Not strictly true!

A number of people carried out 'reconstructions' after the Asiana 214 crash using published radar data for altitude and ground speed which turned out to be surprisingly accurate once the DFDR information was released.
Thanks for your response.

To my knowledge no one here has the DFDR data so we can't really say that. The comparison is with statements made about the data, not the data itself.

I realize I'm being fussy, but that's what this work is all about - second-hand information isn't good enough even from reliable sources.

For a number of reasons, the caution regarding the use of such unproven data is warranted and necessary. The risk is, as I'm sure you're aware, that people actually believe plots and animations made on such thin data and begin drawing conclusions, just like a lot of other behaviours based upon "internet knowledge".

I fully understand the capabilities of radar data plots (which are even used in formal reports at times), but the sample rate is too low to support assumptions of accuracy without confirmation with the aircraft recorders.
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